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Careful speech is also a kind of accomplishment

Le 15 November 2018, 04:11 dans Humeurs 0

To be careful is to be careful in what you say, to say important things thoughtfully, not to say hurtful things, not to say impossible things. One's words reflect one's own culture.
You must believe what you say. You must be able to do what you say. Irresponsible speech and careless talk are bound to be discredited. To be a man Sage, we should try our best to be consistent in words and deeds.

The way you treat others reflects your upbringing. The more bombastic the person, the more empty connotation, the more abundant the inner person, the more composed, which is also a reflection of their own knowledge pattern.

A man who knows how to speak prudently will not always put himself on the tip of his tongue, nor criticize others too much. Because this only shows your vanity and vanity.

In life, I often see some people are always complaining. Complaining about the unsatisfactory life, complaining about other people's bad for themselves, complaining about the unfair fate.. But did you know that negative emotions can be a burden to others?

In fact, everyone has their own life track employer tax hk, will encounter a variety of troubles, but do not always hang on the mouth. While you have the right to take the path of talking to others to relieve stress, more often, staying silent is a process of self-digestion and self-precipitation. Silence is sometimes a virtue.

Even if you are kind enough and strive for perfection, there will always be people who question you. So don't worry about what others say. If you are broad-minded, why do you complain?

As the saying goes: good words warm in three winters, harsh words hurt June cold master of japanese studies hong kong. Inappropriate remarks, and untimely ones, are sometimes like an invisible knife that inadvertently cuts others.

If each of us can plant the seeds of kindness and compassion in our hearts, then our lives will be a breeze.

Learn to look at other people's strengths and praise them. Good words and deeds are a ray of sunshine, illuminating yourself and others.

Sometimes, a word of encouragement from you can inspire a person's potential. A kind word from you can even change a person's fate. Why not give warmth to others and build up your virtue?

It doesn't have to be meaningful to be alive, but try to be a good person to give warmth to others, to broaden your own pattern and horizon.

Don't worry about trifles. Don't worry about trifles. Talk well, work steadily, be a person that others like, oneself happy.

Cixin qiu - yun shan

Le 15 November 2018, 03:47 dans Humeurs 0

"The lotus has no rain cover, the chrysanthemum remnant has the proud frost branch. Good king must remember a year, is orange yellow orange green." It is late autumn season, once field green lotus leaf, at present a withered. Although some of them were holding only a few dry black lotus seeds, they were already dead, which reminded me of su shi's poem. Nevertheless, autumn day when head, blue sky one color, golden wind sends cool, cannot let a person arise spontaneously to swim everywhere idea.

Just after 2 p.m., with the car, I walked along the flat concrete road. Although there are dilapidated lotus-leaf fields in front of us, there are also golden rice. Those who love to work hard all their lives can smell the fragrance of rice in the wind. All around, near mountains and far mountains, piled up green and heavy mountains, close mountains send color, far peak rolling, as long as you have a heart, that is also a forever scenery.

Come to ma quan, a river across the foot of the mountain, stretching away. On the river bridge, lower body, the river quiet, prawns arbitrary growth, dense and long. Water birds in the water, the arrival of people to let them shock, or into the peng thorn, or deep escape from the bottom of the water, or to escape. The right on both sides of the tree branch oh, as if a small overlord, arbitrarily encroaching on the river, so that the original width of the space more narrow.
River section of a sluice gate, the water happy flow, qingyouyou and lovable. I could not help but come to the top to stop for a moment, recording a flow of video, to all around the chaotic shooting, at this time, is full of a good feeling. Go to the waterhole and sit and look at the clouds. At this time, the picture is a casual stroll comfortable scenery, it can be said that there is no rustling and busy. You can think of nothing, and then feel that this world is your time. I can't help thinking of a lyric: what do you think, what are you

The river is deep and shallow, and there are fish in it! By the bridge of shengji, a group of two or three or four inches of fish swam to the surface of the water, red mole stinky dog, I can not tell. At this time, are they foraging for food or sunning themselves? If shit happens, it makes me look for fish everywhere. I only did fishing when I was a young boy, but there were some great fans in the school, so I could find some information for him, even though he probably didn't need it. Schools of fish are sometimes absent, or submerged, or floating. Maybe they think that the surface of the water and the river is their kingdom for them to own, and they can just swim around and find food. Don't laugh at them. Sometimes you have the feeling of heaven and earth.

There was also a fishing acquaintance on the river, a retired man over sixty. Ask fishermen across the shore, answer two three, harvest not so good. But old age, fishing is a quiet and leisurely, this is the way of health.

I made a small circle around the field and returned to the school. The garden of swing, the thing that look is China, native soil ecru, fine taste slow taste, enjoy but return, also be the picture get temporarily comfortable satisfied.

I could not help reciting tao yuanming's poem: "less does not suit the vulgar rhyme, the nature originally loves qiu shan..."

Follow your heart and don't ask questions

Le 29 September 2018, 08:18 dans Humeurs 0

The Mid-Autumn festival has passed, already felt the autumn cold. In the evening, there was a gentle breeze and a sudden chill.

The change of seasons is the most sought after thing. I always say, like summer, summer has not had enough, has been far away.

People around me, one by one, put on trousers and wrapped coats. Friends in the north say it's already cold there. All put on sweaters. After a while,Wine Education it's time to wear a down jacket.

Autumn is always a season of endless melancholy. See faded flowers, falling leaves, the wild geese south tour, the streets, always let people think of the sad, add sad.

Life is really a lot of involuntary, or unexpected. I saw a picture that said "life and me". "I" is a weak cat, and "life" is a tiger, swallowed up to me.

Always will see some news report, say so-and-so person, because the life, the work is not satisfactory, the mood that produces resentment to society. Use the knife, kill the innocent, and let them out. He was sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life.

We have no right to interfere in the lives of others, nor can we empathize with them. But every time you see something like this happen, you feel sad. Why should I let others lead a bad life? Life is a process of atonement. We are already sinners. Why do we want to make this life even worse?

Life must be a long engagement. We are born, we live, we die. Fulfill the oath and agreement of previous lives and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations in this life. So, everything has destiny, at which stage you will meet who, there will be ups and downs, there will be glory, also must be doomed.

There are so many things that will pass you by in your life. Sometimes you can't get what you have in your hand right now. There is no time like the present.

Don't try so hard on anything and everything. The more you value something, the more you fear to lose something,Adrian Cheng the sooner you will lose it. So, let's not care too much about anyone or anything. Face it all with peace of mind. What I get is what I strive for, what I lose is what I never really have. After thinking through this point, there is nothing to be reconciled to.

Find lots of people around you, getting older. The more I started paying attention to what they looked like, the more I thought about them. See a lot of people into the middle of life, into the long-term unable to change the middle of the crisis, anxiety, helplessness, the face of life forced to look beyond.

Some people work overtime on weekends. In daily life, I have no spare time to do what I like to do except work and sleep. Day after day, time goes by in a hurry and without interest. When people reach middle age, they are afraid of changes and changes.

We born in the 1990s are already entering and approaching middle age. Today, I have to face the public expectation, work, family, life value, expectation and my own efforts. Some people have found their direction, while others have been confused.

However, you have to be down-to-earth, to whet yourself, and to believe that you will get better and better.

To grow old is not to be feared. Life is like a journey, a scenery, a harvest, each stage is unique.

Middle-aged people measure their own happiness by comparing with others, and you can bravely tell yourself that the happiness you want is in your own hands. Age is inevitable; The young heart is our undying obstinacy. To love, to live with your heart,Brushless DC Motor not to depend on, not to cling to, not to compromise, when is the best state.

"When you look back on your life as an old man, you will find that when you go abroad to study, when you decide to take your first career, when you decide to fall in love with someone, and when you get married are all changes in your fate," said tao jie, a writer. But the day of your choice, when you stood at the fork of the road and saw the clouds, was rather dreary and commonplace in your diary, and at that time you thought it was an ordinary day in life.

If you can only choose one life, then the standard answer should be: choose the life you like. Following your heart is the best arrangement.

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