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In the future, you will lead whose sleeves

Le 23 avril 2018, 12:44 dans Humeurs 0

All along the way, we keep on leaving and coming and going, we are all the people in the story of the red dust. How many origins, only because in the crowd in the first glance at each other; How many edge out, all because of each other unknowingly not to hang up.

The red dust, always some people in the mind to be separated. Once upon a time, a "oh, you are here", until later only to be a sentence "after all, where you went"; Once the mutual favor, together to enjoy the flowers blossoming, until later only left their own loneliness into the sea; Once the lovesickness, the agreement is not forgotten, until later only left a song of the lament Foreign Company Registration in hong kong.

Perhaps the house of life, destined to have half a window bright, half window wind and rain; Perhaps the tea of time, destined to have half a sweet, half bitter; Perhaps the path of life is destined to be half beautiful and half sad. We, when we meet the right person at the right time, is a joy to bloom; We, when we desire to have, lose that is the sigh of a fallen flower.

Heaven and earth, who would miss the flowers and miss the beautiful story? It's just that there are always things that go wrong in life, that someone has made you a good forever, and that you only have to touch the dark tomorrow. Someone once built a curtain for you, but only let your dream in the monsoons. Someone has been through you, but only to leave you with a receding figure.

The world, not a thousand baidu search, must have the perfect ending; Do not meet in the flowers, there must be poetic dwelling. In fact, there are always some romantic encounters in life, beginning in the rough sea, and ending in the heart. There is always some water to know the sound, in the heart of the beginning, in the string broken sound to end; There will always be some flowers and snow, in the first glance of the beginning, at the end of the two sage 50.

It is believed that almost all the people have outlined such a city in their hearts, where there are beautiful spring rain, beautiful summer flowers, colorful autumn leaves and white winter snow. Whether day or night, in that city we always feel that we are being treated with kindness. Whether dawn or dusk, we always feel like fairy tales in that city. There you tread the waves and watch; You pick flowers, people laugh; You drop the word, someone sign for it.

However, whether intentionally or not, we always look for it and lose it all the way. No one knows who will let us have you along the way tomorrow, who will allow us to go quietly together. In the future, no one knows who will meet or who will leave the next minute.

If we feel that the years are beautiful, it is because we have met the spring of life; If we feel that the years are cold, it is because we have encountered the mountains of life. There is no doubt that the true love of life is that the sound of flowers can be heard everywhere. The real happiness of life is to meet someone who knows you at all times Event Planning.

However, how many of the people we miss have been only a distance away from us, and this life is willing to return our treasure? How many of the people we care about don't leave when we look back? This life will give us a legend?

Fireworks life, some people, see or not in the heart; It is difficult to give up some feelings, thoughts or thoughts. If there is no one in the world to understand you, or love you, can you make all the clouds light, let it come, let it go?

The fate is to go, someone is always in the mind to be separated. I do not know, tomorrow, this shore of the wind, who is still talking about "time is not old, we are not scattered"? I do not know, after future, you will lead whose sleeve?

Mirror lake in my hometown

Le 23 avril 2018, 12:26 dans Humeurs 0

Jinghu, located in the downtown district, it is one of the ten views in the city, called "jinghu fine willow" LiuZhiChun, willow bract radiant with green in the cold wind, in casual moment, willow branches, with a chill of blowing willow green, year after year at under the green willows lining video, clear water, green wave suddenly survival, green willows with lake, cloudy day, meng bring sunshine bright, green willow and jinghu spring is beautiful, have a poem to prove: step month view arashi trance, full of dike YanLiu more attractive. The hair is waving and the waves are blowing. The mountain wants to fly with the painting, the guests return to the body. The mirror lake is the first spring in the south of the Yangtze river.

At the original named tao pond, by the southern song dynasty famous patriotic poet, scholar Zhang Xiaoxiang donate one hundred mu, hui lake, is the same thing, more than two hundred hectares of existing water, its water and clear springs, form round mirror, "water but not competing form all guide" so named kiang wu.

Kiang wu when I was a kid, in fact, the lotus pond, filled with TangHe leaves every touch, sway in the wind, gently Cha syllable, can smell the fragrance of lotus to June and July points, late autumn, a woman rowing the boat, move back and forth between the lotus leaf picking lotus seeds, dried lotus seeds, medicinal materials company get the money, the young man in the winter, wearing a pair of drawers on water lotus root, lotus root someone acquisition, that time is the beauty of the lake ecological land, with seasonal change, autumn in old, a winter and cold and cheerless.

Now modified boundary lake, expansion, has become an open park, "jinghu fine willow" in the past, leap in deeper meaning, content greatly expansion of beauty, on the other side of the pavilions, winding corridor together, walk garden, has been gloriously enrolled in the complex water, old brick and tile horsehead walls, nowhere not jiangnan folk artistic conception, contain the history of the humanities in the park, there are stone carvings, wood carvings Rhyme, iron sculpture couplet everywhere, is a step to learn a little, believe are living history records, hand touch of national culture.

Into the jinghu park, as you walk in the forest, the thick trunk, all like a big open umbrella, cover the shadow of a 凉, early practice crowd below play boxing sword, do aerobics. Into the jinghu park, as you enter the garden, red white and blue yellow purple one have to do, at present in bloom, flowers have herbaceous and woody herb garden people follow season is replaced, woody in the ground, now its waters, all the year round with flowers, with flowers all the year round. Visitors like to sit like a checkerboard seat layout, facing the lake, watching the lake blue waves, the boat, watching the lake and river corridors, see time, around the lake, building scale, momentum magnificent, all kinds of ads, post at the top of the floor of the school of thick business atmosphere.

Going into the park, step on the road paved with stone or brick, carefree and relaxed, rockery hall, brocade carp, play live foot to see the pavilions and it is a mortise structure, clasp, wood columns and beams with this old chestnut show, is also fine. The old man likes to play chess, play CARDS and chat, watch the lake and the nearby mountains.

When you walk into a jinghu park at night, it is a charming scenery, lake shore wall base cutting, according to several groups of energy-saving lamp tube, around the lake light, the light from the water, the size of lake lake lake into a lamp, the tall buildings around the red neon lights, the reflection in the water out of a piece of red, a green, a piece of purple, a piece of yellow, in the corrugated 愰, magical mystery, like the penglai fairyland feeling, like walking in the goddess of the moon the moon, I but the penglai XianKe, me it will be a man of the month.

The torch around the pavilions, the serpentine gallery, YueYa arch bridge, boat docks, etc., to highlight the charm of the beautiful, v cast light on the ground, everywhere, under the trees, flowers and plants, the statue before the flash of green trees, reveals the willows dance, reveals flowers is gorgeous, and plastic like lively, pieces of distinct, far see every little bit is scene, almost see objects are the United States, park at night is bright world, green trees and honeysuckle shore there, there is water, floating dream in mind, the feeling of fly ash is abluent, spiritual sublimation. The beauty of China lies in the landscape of both urban and rural areas. The beauty of both urban and rural areas lies in the features of scenic spots.

Jinghu park has a big square, square upright city logo graphic - dove, it is the habitat of water birds, it is said that the wind burn, long, long ago, there are a lot of doves we live here, the city named as doves, now can't see the dove, the name of the city is also changed, but hear a house is famous of "half water half city mountain song, its real reaction of city characteristics. Standing in the square, looking up to see the mountains not far away, the mountain has the ancient temple, leaving the footprints and the lyrics of many famous people in the past dynasties, and the mirror lake, the beautiful water and the beautiful water. It is the masterpiece of the creator.

Square is colorful lights at night, a square dance the leaves of the square a little hot, different music out different posture, because of the large square, WuDui in each corner, noninterference, walking through figure in the square, have an adult with children play, pairs of lovers love on sat in chairs, the square drying out the night life, lively, jing ya.

More and more people walk along the shore of fitness, the old man middle-aged young, male of female, they have fast or slow pace, are moving scenery, constitute the lake shore move feeling, the movement, and lake wave to the combination of fang Buddha is music, one song at night, in the blood is flowing, and expresses, sometimes fierce, sometimes dreamily, sometimes passionate peng.

Kiang wu beauty, is the beauty of people, some people put the jinghu park as a business card of the city, lake the size of the pearls, is someone put on as jadeite, abortion, abortion during the day and night to make this small and exquisite park, by carrying the heavy burden, and it is still in good condition, still beautiful and clean, no one in the beam and wall lettering figure crow, nobody trample flowers and plants, no one throw confetti cigarette butts, of civilization character of the people to love, to share, the people of the city, for kiang wu shu makeup every day, every day to protect its beauty.

I love in the water pavilion, with a long view, the lake shore old willow, a group of green, the branches of the dance, green waves, the lake light, the scenery of the heart, the history changes, and feelings. Junior high school, my Alma mater in the mirror lake, (now is down) under the willows in jinghu reading, playing under the shade of jinghu, swimming in the lake, in the engineering of kiang wu qing sludge, I also carried through mud, all these leave me an indelible complex.

I am old, but the mirror lake is not old, it has gone through the long years, more young, more obvious, like our old motherland, in the reform and innovation open new period, younger, more beautiful. My feelings for the lake are as good as mine. As the heart of the motherland will never change.

Time knows no man

Le 7 mars 2018, 08:55 dans Humeurs 0

Time is the biggest cost for people, and it is also the capital and wealth of everyone. Time is fair to everyone, and every day is twenty-four hours. One thousand four hundred and forty minutes Air Purifier. From the day you come to this world, it will be with you.
Time knows no man. He who does not experience, knows not one. Time is the best filter. Time, is the most true resolution of a person is true, is false meaning, not in the mouth, but in the heart! A sentiment is false, is the reality, not in peacetime, but in the wind and rain!
Time is limited, is also infinite, limited is only three hundred and sixty-five days a year, 24 hours a day, but he repeated in the passage, life in a hurry but dozens of spring and autumn period, until the old to that day, the same time, every minute and second, like infinite, but it gives us everyone's life is limited.
So how do we create the highest value in a finite life Hong Kong apartment? How to live more meaningful? Then it is to exert oneself the utmost effort in the limited time.
Arrange their own time, plan to use: there are some people who are busy day and night, without a goal to do things, some people do not grasp the key, have a, others life spent in eat, drink, fuck, gambling, and some people do nothing all day, to idle away one's time, no goal, life is meaningless.
Time doesn't really help us solve any problems. It just doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't matter anymore.
Life must have goals, do a dynamic career, even if not succeed, come back to think about it carefully, own at least try to do, not a waste of time, no waste of time Sage ERP.
The so-called "an inch of time is an inch of gold, an inch of money is hard to buy time", money is a penny earned, wasted how much time is wasted how much money. So every day, every hour, every minute counts.
The famous writer lu xun once said that time is the material of life, and wasting others' time is tantamount to murder. So we do anything, we have to be true, don't waste one second, and don't waste someone else's time.
Don't waste time on a tired man. These people, not because of the poor communication skills, but the fact that they don't care about what you say, or listen in the absence of attention, or predominate, or impose arbitrary decisions.
Everyone is in a race against time. You can only be left behind if you don't run. At last, a man stroked the haggard face, sighed that time was fleeting, and had no wish. All efforts are to be responsible for themselves. Go, take advantage of the time not old, in the limited time, the achievement of the best self. Be worthy of time, be worthy of oneself.

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