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Family's impact on children education

Le 7 novembre 2017, 03:29 dans Humeurs 0

Education kids, it's always been a problem. Some parents will put things in schools and teachers when they go to school, and ignore that they are the most important teachers!
1, the house
The main factor affecting children's performance is not school but family.
2, contradiction
If family education goes wrong and there is a conflict start business in hong kong, children may have a harder time at school, and children are likely to become the school's "problem children".
3, conduct and learning
A good child is usually a man with plans and moves. The more conscientious, organized and polite the father, the better the child will be.
4, poor
Poverty is an important resource for education, but it is not the poorer the more it is for children's growth. Parents need to provide basic material support for their children, so that children can't get into the abyss of inferiority.
5, rich
Affluence is another Serviced apartment Causeway Bay, more advanced, education resource. The western experience is: "it takes three generations to cultivate an aristocrat." "Classes are hereditary." However, the more advanced education resources need to have a more advanced education method, and if there is no more advanced education method, the rich family will bring disaster to the children's growth.
6, culture
Don't be a parent who knows no culture. Some people have a high degree, but not necessarily a culture. If parents do not understand life, do not know how to be kind to others, do not even know how to treat their children, no matter how high academic level he has, he is also a person without culture.
7, independent
Parents can make their children the center of the world, but don't forget that their parents also want to live a separate life hong kong scholarships. If parents are completely surrounded by their children instead of their own life themes, such parents often interfere with their children's growth in the name of love. Sometimes, it is not the child that is inseparable from the parents, but the parents that cannot leave the child.
8, responsibility,
Parents need to take on the responsibility of education, but don't completely cancel your leisure life because of education kids. "There is no sense of responsibility to hurt others.
9, the strict
If your child is crying and his parents are rushing to pick up the child, then the child will use the trait of his parents to constantly badger his parents and ask for more. So, the child cries, don't worry to pick up the child, the parents had better let themselves have something to do, let the child look at the action of the children.
10, influence
The relationship affects a child's character. If a man doesn't respect his wife, then his son learns to disrespect his female classmates at school. If a woman does not respect her husband, then her daughter learns to look down on her male classmates at school.

A traditional education way, the bitter side knows sweet

Le 7 novembre 2017, 03:27 dans Humeurs 0

In old age, all honor and money is a smoke, and a child who is not a child, is enough to make you late.
One of the things in education is absolutely indispensable. That's a hardship education.
Especially if the family has a boy, this one should not be less. Because a man who is afraid of suffering is doomed to be unassuming, you don't blame him for not being responsible, it is he has no iron shoulder, use what to carry?
If you can't bear hardships, you will make the people around you suffer, and you will suffer. And the impact is lifelong. Look at the two old men in our village.
When you look at them and walk past you, you will feel the years are in a hurry, life is only a few years!
The two old men in our village, one who can't bear hardship when they are young, all depend on their wives to go to zhang luo.
We all thought she was bitter, but she didn't seem to feel it. She probably thought she was the one.
Still have a family not otherwise, old man is to do every day work, the home is outside busy work, the family live to be comfortable, walk outside also be waist pole to stand tall, be respected.
It is not terrible to eat bitterness, but work has dignity.
A lot of people grow up to be a look that they don't like, all grow up from the root is broken. Family education, especially the parents, is the key.
We'll find a very strange phenomenon:
If a family has several siblings, if there is a sister, the last one is brother. Most of the younger brother is not to suffer, and he is not tired.
Because father and mother hurt from childhood, the matter has elder sister to cover. Many parents are middle-aged, more and more cherished, as the apple of the eye. If you are not careful, the balance of your parents' love will be tilted towards the smaller one.
A lot of parents don't want their kids to eat a little bitter.
She was so used to being a child that she tied up her life all by herself.
Have a mother once said, the husband have a younger brother is spoiled in the home, now 26 years old, never for the sake of others, the home conditions is not good, her in-laws are rural farming, the Chinese New Year is to buy some nice food, but he himself, suit to buy apple mobile phones and also go abroad to play, also find we borrow twenty thousand dollars to the nose, a lot of things like this, think he is not reasonable, before later found that are used to his parents. And my mother-in-law said he was a kid, and he didn't get what he wanted.
I don't need her help. I don't want my children to be that way.
Every time I see such a parent, I feel pain. What makes them willing to be a parasite and a parasite?
Indulgence will only harm the child.
A mother would say to a child, you just have to read a good book, you don't care about other things. So don't let your children do the housework, and don't ask the kids about the big things. A lot of kids don't know how much salt is and how much oil is in a bucket.
Tell the child that life is sweet, but also bitter, no one can casually succeed.
Must have a child to suffer the consciousness, can not help without help, the child runs a point sweat, eats a point is good.
Let children do more housework at ordinary times, take an active part in work-study activities, older children can also go to participate in volunteer activities, to do some things that can exercise their own hands.
Parents must let children have a does not fear endures hardship spirit, let the children know that labor is glorious, and at an early age to win dignity, for a person through hard struggle, to realize the value of a person.
These words sound like slogans, but years later, a child who is 30 years old will ask you for money to eat, and you will understand the importance of hardship education.
So, the sooner, the better.
It also allows the child to feel the power of suffering through stories and books, to fill the spiritual world, and when there is a setback, the child will not immediately choose to give up, but also can withstand the blow.
When children are little about this aspect of the story, such as children, can read, for example, lu yao's "ordinary world", "the gadfly", "how the steel was tempered", some are very good book. When a child falls in love with reading, there are many more teachers. It will also touch more ideas.
Being a parent is not only about having your child feel your support and unconditional love, but also having a profound wisdom.
To know that love needs air to be free, courage to let go.


Le 4 septembre 2017, 08:14 dans Humeurs 0

It was autumn, gradually cool. The timing is just after Chushu, it gradually added coolness.

One day, the wife of a window, suddenly said: "you look at that day, the clouds, really a bit like an invigorating autumn climate." I went to the window and looked at the blue sky. It was different from the summer just past. A few days ago, after the rain, the temperature dropped suddenly, but also the flavor of autumn, really fulfilled the "autumn rain a cold" of the old saying.

A few days ago and his wife went to the present River Park and botanical garden for a walk, and found that after a fall of wind, some leaves fell on the ground. Then I said to my wife, "what a autumn wind sweeping the leaves!"! Timely arrival." Then listen to the cicadas cry, has very little, or even heard some sound of cicadas, it is approaching his life.

Yesterday travel, you see a piece of fish like the white cloud heights floating in the blue sky, this is the summer to see the picture, feel it higher and farther than the original.

The cool autumn wind to send cool, timely rain to the news, the weak to go on the way there, back home to look, oh, autumn is more concentrated.

Living in the north, often to the south, but also felt the South and the north is not the same as in the fall. The fall of the north and the south of the different places, is to come especially fast, that is, when you daydream, it came, the northern autumn weather, the solar terms portrayed unusually clear. You see, the autumn wind, the autumn rain, the autumn sunshine, the autumn fields and the village in the autumn always bring you a different feeling.

Autumn wind. The wind like autumn summer so hot, so violent, it took a little bit of coolness, with much tenderness, quietly towards autumn. Every year the autumn has just passed, although the day or continuation of the summer weather, still hot for a while, but sooner or later it will be different, so only the wind gently blowing, it will bring fresh fishes, first in the face, in the body, in fact, is the feeling in the heart, heart will feel relaxed and comfortable immediately.

This is especially hot in the summer, people also feel particularly long, long waiting for the arrival of autumn, autumn with the wind with rain, wind and rain brings a cool autumn, then give people the feeling is not the same. Look at the people in the shade is clear, a few neighbors sister-in-law summer often in downstairs cool, autumn has just passed, less people, gradually put child home stool. Walking in the street, people hear voice also changed, is the evaluation of autumn: "one day the beginning of autumn, then cool." "Well, obviously, especially in the morning, it's felt."." Listen to their conversation, feel the autumn breeze blowing gently, warm and mild, and gave birth to a trace of coolness. The autumn wind blowing in the field, to see is a picture, the wind kisses willow, willow swaying dance, the wind kisses corn, corn nod, the wind kisses the river, the river on the wave ripples. Autumn wind seems to be a superb artist, to describe the vivid and beautiful nature, to bring people a different feeling.

Autumn rain. The autumn rain is not the same, continuous rain, clear quiet. Suddenly one day, with the autumn wind, with a hint of cool, with much tenderness, opened the door of autumn, "Shua" to autumn strode, moistens the vast land and maturing crops, a rain swept away, summer heat, swing to the impetuous people's heart. The rain will bring people feel fully and delightfully. Childhood home to fall, often called a "long cut" place, mowing, raking out wild herbs in every rain, time, and my buddies will go to the only stone shelter. People under the stone bridge, the heart in the land. Two ears listening around the rain hit the maize leaves and leaves of sorghum sound. When the rain sounds, Shabu sound, heart felt so carefree; when the rain is small, it sounds "patter" sound, the feeling is so melodious. Then you will feel the rain will stop soon look, look at the rain wash the red sorghum, a refreshing, red sorghum could not nod, seems to have Baoyu drink water to meet. Then I thought, Mo Yan's depiction of Gaomi County adjacent to the "Red Sorghum" is not the same way? Childhood, autumn fields, everywhere are filled with the refreshing after autumn rain, the distribution of fresh air, which is brought about by autumn rain.

Autumn sunshine. The autumn in the north, the sky, an invigorating autumn climate. The autumn sun is no longer as summer so sinister, run with a little tenderness, with warm and comfortable here, the golden sunshine in the vast land on the mountains, rivers, fields and villages, houses, roads, trees are coated with a layer of gold. Autumn morning, red Zhaohui inclined at the earth, as in the face of the villagers, the villagers feel very comfortable, facing the rising sun to the field, with the hard work of golden sun. Then, the midday sun left the crops and make crops to grow. Autumn dusk, Leileyitian people accompanied by the setting sun, overlooking the sunset sky, fire lit light feeling, create a beautiful and elegant curl, autumn evening, leaving a bright sky, clouds West that is "martyrs twilight, in high aspirations" feelings, nor induce people to issue a "sunset infinitely good, but near dusk," sighed.

Fields in autumn. In autumn, if the early autumn ride or walk to

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