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Gentleman's self-supervision

Le 18 janvier 2018, 08:05 dans Humeurs 0

In order to be a gentleman, solitude is the best practice.
Because when we are alone with no one to control, no supervision, people would be easy to let their guard down, forget the precepts, indulgence, people of all kinds of bad habits and bad habits and bad thoughts might be will jump out, shake ideal, will pass master of economics hong kong.
Solitude, the most revealing of a person's nature, some casual small movements often reflect a person's quality, some of the smallest details can often reflect a person's soul.
"The university" has the word: sincere in the middle, shape yu, so the gentleman must be careful of its independence. "The doctrine of the mean" also has a statement: do not see the hidden, do not appear on the micro. Therefore, the gentleman is cautious of his independence. The two Confucian classics all mention a gentleman's character - careful independence hong kong apartment for rent.
What is "prudent"?
The song dynasty scholar lu jiuyuan said: "be careful not to deceive oneself"; Yuan CAI, a song person, also said that "to be worthy of the world". "The heart" is cautious, "sincere" is careful, the appearance is like, do not deceive oneself also, is careful alone.
Be careful, be careful when others can't see you, and don't paralyze you. You can stay awake when others can't hear you.
Don't think things hidden, can do it, don't let the intrusion inner thoughts and think other people don't know let words freely and, when alone, be strict with oneself, veterinarian, self-respect self-respect MD Senses.
During the reign of emperor andi of the eastern han dynasty, changyi county ordered wang mi to thank Yang zhen for his kindness. He was rejected by Yang zhen at night. Wang mi said, "the blind man." Yang zhen replied, "god knows, I know, I know. What is ignorance! After listening to wang mi, he was "guilty."
In the qing dynasty, there was an official named ye cungren, who had been in politics for more than 30 years, and was willing to be indifferent. When he leaves office, the staff members give gifts to avoid the eyes and ears, especially during the night. He returned the gifts and wrote a poem: "when the moon is clear, the boats are late. You will return the favor, and you will not be afraid to know it."
The gentleman is careful to be independent, to repair himself and the people, in the absence of people, fine, like walking on thin ice, like the abyss, never indulging, not deviating, not exceeding the moment. Do not deceive others, do not deceive people, do not bully the sky, the gentleman is so careful.
It is good to be alone, to be open to others, to yourself. A person who is like a person, does things bright and smooth, does not have to speak to the person, seldom feels guilty, suspicion, scruples and so on all kinds of dark, the heart natural green is full, step by step.

To bless others is also to bless yourself

Le 18 janvier 2018, 05:22 dans Humeurs 0

Open your eyes every day, you can see a window of sunshine, please smile, this is the gift of life, the world did not abandon you. Wake up every day ears, you can hear the call of the family, please smile, this is life to give, happiness did not stay away from you. All this is fresh and beautiful, we have any reason not happy. Reduce your troubles yesterday, enlarge your ownership today, your world is warm. Contented and often happy, bearish and happy.
The world has never been abandoned by fate, only those who are bound by fate. Anyone's life can not be smooth, inevitably there will be frustrations and frustrations, the key is how we face it. If the ups and downs as a condiment, you will feel the bumpy life also taste. If you look down on frustration as a precious treasure, you will feel worthless in your life. Learn to laugh at life, let life illuminate your life.
Be able to look down on yourself, is a kind of grace, a kind of accomplishment, a realm. Good at looking down on their own people, know how they are just a part of mortal beings, not arrogant, pretentious; good at looking down on their own people, know how to be down to earth, starting from the most basic things, not ambitious, , Understand that only by working hard and forging ahead can we climb the peak of life step by step.
For things you do not like, do not just think about evasion. Sometimes try to accept, better than turned around and left. Even if you do not like a person, but also learn to accept. It is not difficult to neglect or reject him, but you have lost a chance to grow. As long as it does not lead us to sin, even if you do not like it, we must learn to face it. Know how to admit a flawed person, how to accept more like him. Every saint has his contradictions, and every sinner has his difficulties! Therefore, saints and sinners are not the set number of lives, but rather how he works with God and how God sees his plans in his own life. In the contradictions, the saint endeavors to reach out to God and delivers his life to God for the completion of the plan. The sinners are trapped in their own difficulties, leaving the self-planning of God to make ends meet worthlessly. What is the plan of God in your life?
We always like to condemn the most vicious people, but we forget that we often fall into sin. We are accustomed to the classification of evil, always feel that other people's evil is evil, but do not know evil and there is no specific standard, when the good is lost, evil appears. What should be done should not be done. In fact, evil is done. You will never praise a helping hand who can give his hands but will eventually not help them. Fewer and lesser beings in the heart of men appear evil. Learn to use a moderate attitude towards people around, say something encouraging, because gentle words, not only encourage others, but also motivate yourself. Calmly speaking, both to help others, but also exercise their own culture; angrily in the language, let others withstand the blow, but also to lose their virtue. Beautiful words not only bless others, but also bless themselves before Go

Idle of the border

Le 18 décembre 2017, 09:57 dans Humeurs 0

My friend called and asked me to go to chengdu. She said she saw chengdu, sichuan snacks, qing dynasty ancient alleys and old tea houses in a TV show. She was so excited that she wanted to go there. As she said this, I felt a cloud of green smoke and a stunning ink painting. In this way I would like to go with you.
In chengdu, it was more than 6 PM and there was a little rain in the sky. We went to a hotel, put down our bags, took a taxi, and went straight to the narrow lane. On the way, we were told that we were tourists from other places, and the driver enthusiastically acted as a commentator.
He said the narrow alleys are ancient streets with clear and clear winds, which are divided into wide alleys, narrow alleys and shafts. Those old courtyards, where the children of eight flags of the qing dynasty were stationed, are now a favorite leisure place for locals. He also told which street was the most authentic, and which tea house had the most ancient meaning.
During this time, my friend took several phone calls. She was carrying a bag over her shoulder, and glancing at it from time to time, her cell phone rang and answered. A friend is an executive in a company. She often feels that she has a lot of work and is very tired and unhappy. She was on her way, but her heart was wandering a thousand miles away.
I looked out of the window of the rain, complaining of the weather, plus some traffic jam, the mood became anxious. 'I asked, interrupting the driver. How far is it from there? It was terrible weather to catch up with the rain.
The driver said slowly, the time slot is easy to traffic. You're here on vacation, you don't have to rush, you can walk slowly, you can take a look at street view. It is not a very heavy rain. It is not interesting to walk in the old alley on a rainy day.
I gave a little "oh" and looked at him a little more. He was in his late 40s, with a slight weight, a simple dress and a man of water. Have heard before, chengdu man is like a cup of tea, lukewarm not fire, must be him so.
And he said, send you there, and I will leave work. I asked him strangely, how could you call a taxi so early that you could make more money? "He explained, and asked his friend for tea. I smiled a little confused and, as he said, drinking tea seemed like a very important thing.
I got out of the car and walked down the wet stone road to the back of the alley. The red eaves of the green trees and the red eaves of the red eaves, the faint but argumentative gold and iron horse years mark, let people have a sense of time derangement. Just the name of the poetry of the store, I can not see the feeling, lotus, the lotus, listen to incense, flowers, but...
I watched as I walked, guessing the story behind them. Raise yunxuan, is a cloud to keep in the heart? Listen to xiang xiang, is to listen to a flower open sound? And that's all, that's all. Every name has a zen meaning, and the lips and teeth are carefully read.
In the alley, I was attracted to the old street tea house, so idleness, poetic, the smoke of the fireworks. Invite two or three friends to spend an afternoon or evening in the fragrance of tea. You can have a chat, a review, a sichuan opera, or a single person.
I think of what the driver said, and he obviously has a spirit of empathy with the city. It was a kind of leisure, elegant, and unsophisticated and confident.
We always think that the most beautiful scenery is far away, holding our feet in the distance. However, it is often overlooked that if there is no scenery in the heart, even if you go further, you will not see the prospect. I told my friends what I felt, and she nodded if she knew where she was going.
For the next few days, the drizzle of the silk continued. We went to the garden of "west shu first street", to the temple of du fu, in the west of the west gate, and reveled in the green hills and green water of dujiangyan. My friend shut off the phone and I was in a happy-go-lucky attitude, and the two men came along and laughed.
After coming back for a long time, I was still drunk in the soft time of chengdu. This prosperous place, the place of the city, everywhere is full of idle life breath, have the most intimate warmth of the lung.
I bought a set of tea sets in jingdezhen, with a blue lotus pattern on it, and two small fish swimming freely among the flowers. After dinner, call your sweetheart and daughter and make tea for them. I used to stay up late to write, and I feel a sense of urgency. Now I'm not worried about it, so I can spend time with my family.
One day, my friend came to my house for a little chat and found that she had changed a lot more than before.
She smiled, beaming with joy. She said, "no," since she said "no" to boring dinners, it's nice to have free time. She was so fascinated with calligraphy that she practiced writing every day and gave me a word. When I opened it, it was a cursive script.
Xu shen's comment on the idleness is: "the column also, from the door, there is wood." In a small yard surrounded by wooden fences, trees and flowers were planted in front of the gate, sitting under a tree, looking at the sky, watching the clouds, watching the sunrise and sunset, and seeing the flowers and trees fading. This "idle" word, bright as white moonlight, waded into the idyllic dream of Chinese literati.
Some days ago, I went back to my hometown to visit my parents and told my mother about the experience of going to chengdu and about the leisure life of chengdu people. Mother listened to a confused water, and asked, what did you say? Idle, not just lazy, do nothing.
I was not sure how to explain it, but then my father, sitting beside him, said slowly, taking time out for fun. After hearing this, I nodded happily and cried, "daddy understands me!"
My father, as a pillar of the family, worked hard all his life, and the sufferings of his life were predictable. From my memory, I knew he had a habit of sitting in an old-fashioned cane chair for tea every day after dinner. Perhaps all these years, it was the hope that rose in the tea fragrance, which made him pass over the bitter cold of the earth, and laugh at life with peace of mind.
Leisure, is a kind of life attitude, is to know to give the life blank. The ancients cloud: "leisure" one of the word, beg the 10,000 cheap. I want to say "cheap", is to set aside the worldly noise, do not get entangled in the life of the branches, give a quiet for the mind, leave a quiet for oneself. In this world, let us have a simple heart, enjoy leisure life, always light together quietly.

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