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Time knows no man

Le 7 mars 2018, 08:55 dans Humeurs 0

Time is the biggest cost for people, and it is also the capital and wealth of everyone. Time is fair to everyone, and every day is twenty-four hours. One thousand four hundred and forty minutes Air Purifier. From the day you come to this world, it will be with you.
Time knows no man. He who does not experience, knows not one. Time is the best filter. Time, is the most true resolution of a person is true, is false meaning, not in the mouth, but in the heart! A sentiment is false, is the reality, not in peacetime, but in the wind and rain!
Time is limited, is also infinite, limited is only three hundred and sixty-five days a year, 24 hours a day, but he repeated in the passage, life in a hurry but dozens of spring and autumn period, until the old to that day, the same time, every minute and second, like infinite, but it gives us everyone's life is limited.
So how do we create the highest value in a finite life Hong Kong apartment? How to live more meaningful? Then it is to exert oneself the utmost effort in the limited time.
Arrange their own time, plan to use: there are some people who are busy day and night, without a goal to do things, some people do not grasp the key, have a, others life spent in eat, drink, fuck, gambling, and some people do nothing all day, to idle away one's time, no goal, life is meaningless.
Time doesn't really help us solve any problems. It just doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't matter anymore.
Life must have goals, do a dynamic career, even if not succeed, come back to think about it carefully, own at least try to do, not a waste of time, no waste of time Sage ERP.
The so-called "an inch of time is an inch of gold, an inch of money is hard to buy time", money is a penny earned, wasted how much time is wasted how much money. So every day, every hour, every minute counts.
The famous writer lu xun once said that time is the material of life, and wasting others' time is tantamount to murder. So we do anything, we have to be true, don't waste one second, and don't waste someone else's time.
Don't waste time on a tired man. These people, not because of the poor communication skills, but the fact that they don't care about what you say, or listen in the absence of attention, or predominate, or impose arbitrary decisions.
Everyone is in a race against time. You can only be left behind if you don't run. At last, a man stroked the haggard face, sighed that time was fleeting, and had no wish. All efforts are to be responsible for themselves. Go, take advantage of the time not old, in the limited time, the achievement of the best self. Be worthy of time, be worthy of oneself.

Spring brings hope

Le 7 mars 2018, 08:39 dans Humeurs 0

Spring, like a beautiful, lively and lovely girl, with a smile, a step, light come. The wind was softer under her touch, the sun was warmer in her smile, and the earth was more vivid in her footsteps. It seemed that overnight, she was like a magician, making things different.
Spring has come, spring rain drops a little, in looking forward to the swallow kept whispering in the dancing, kissed the spring breeze willow trees have become more elegant, more delicate and charming flowers bathed in sunshine and opening up, the grass hugs the earth quietly out looking around, thawing river, the river's heart jump, fish cheered, display vitality everywhere.
Spring came, and the children were cheering and capering, as if they were going to be so playful in the spring that they would shake off a winter's bondage; Young people are passionate and full of passion, vying for the first place at the beginning of the year, expressing the praise of youth. Middle-aged people are quietly hoping that the New Year will bring good luck and good luck. The old people looked forward to a peaceful and healthy life.
Spring, always so magical, always can bring all things joy and longing. Every spring, people in their hearts will involuntarily give birth to some dour. In fact, I know that this is just some of the longing for the spring, the desire to be bright and warm. Because of the spring, all things wake up, and all the year round, all life is waiting for.
Let the beautiful spring, that can awaken people to the bottom of my heart desire, can bring people all good start, can carry the dream of people, bring infinite beauty and joy of all things, live up to expectations of a piece of her people.

Ink painting of huizhou

Le 7 février 2018, 08:48 dans Humeurs 0

Without repeating the past, not overdrawing the future, entering huizhou for the first time, there is a kind of nostalgic atmosphere. I always felt that I had been there before, and seemed very far away. In the idle time to stir up the memory of history, wipe the dust of the years, roaming in huizhou's warm mood. The graceful willows cut across the landscape on both sides of the river, and one side is yellowed yesterday and the other is bright today. At this moment, huizhou is like a silent ancient inkstone master of business administration hong kong, being ground by time, and slowly spread in the water, vivid the whole jiangnan.
Time chasing after the pace of rush, along the ancient huizhou landscape gallery, stripping hidden in the depths of the secret language. All the magnificent archways stand in the blue sky and the sky is silent. These ancient relics of the past, like the unearthed bronze pottery, have a mottled hue, and are also overflowing with the history of Chen xiang. Some of them stand aloof from the white clouds; Some of them are clustered, spreading freely among the mountains.
Huizhou memorial arch is built in different dynasties, the exquisite carving and the ancient charm of the natural patterns are not showing their former style and magnificence. The memorial archway symbolizes the humanistic connotation of loyalty virtual office mongkok, filial piety, festival and righteousness, and describes the past of the stay and the story of the years. The flickering sunshine is bright, the history of the long history, the civilization of the washing and rust, one seat is steeped in the majesty, the reflection of the grand, metaphor of the emotional memorial archway, to the world to tell the story of a hundred years of wind and rain.
Now can only look in the legacy of the image of the loyal minister of the year and the strong woman, in the blurred memory of their moving story. Taking the height of the years, throwing my thoughts into the cloud, taking the time as a pen, taking the scenery as ink, the ancient archway records a long and profound history of huizhou.
The eyes penetrate the weeping willows in the wind, and the leaping thoughts solidify in a moment. The ancient homes that sleep in the sunset are drunk, like the rich ink, the wind and smoke in the atmosphere is not open. Black and white and dichromatic is the soul of the huizhou residence plain, the ancient residence community without makeup, resolutely black and white lucid, with a simple beauty, calm attitude, natural style, the pines into their lives, quietly shelved in xiushui lingshan elegant is picturesque.
In the Ming and qing dynasties, jiangnan commodity economy flourished, and many of the hui merchants gathered were rich. They returned to the countryside, built a house, and took the folk culture and characteristics of huizhou into the courtyard. There is an insurmountable task on the horse's head wall, and they look out on the distant horizon, stubbornly clinging to their old home.
Pushing the heavy wooden door open, stepping into the hall, the old and old atmosphere in front of the hall slowly calm the heart of the outsiders. Elegantly brick carvings, stone carving Massage Cushion, woodcarving, shallow covered with flower-and-bird insect fish, story characters, the culture of different dynasties history for a party, let you amazed small house can hold an inclusive, cover the whole connotation of ancient national deep. As you turn around, a dusty old vase opens up another memory.
There is always some moistening feelings lingering in the heart, like the water that cannot dry up, in the process of life quietly. Huizhou people live in a well, there is a water well where there is a smoke, there is a noisy world. The gurgling qingquan, overflowing with the clarity of the country and sweet life, drip into huizhou people's blood. In the past, the ancient well remembers the merits of digging the well for the benefit of the people, and interprets the connotation of a nation in a simple way. In the well edge of the mossy is also the life of the mossy, the accumulation of the more profound the more and more the wind frost.
So far, some ancient Wells have been preserved with the relevant words of drilling Wells and water, and the contents of stone carving have become blurred in the dust of the years. However, through time mottled old track, but still listen to the sound of the old city, those simple words lingering around the well, accompanied by every morning sunset. For thousands of years, many of the hui merchants who return to their hometown drink a blood that is thicker than water, and the kindness of water and the true meaning of water. They had thrown a great deal of their home time to retrieve it in the water of the old well.
Brush the dust from the sunlight, and make a more crystalline precipitate. The ancestral temple of huizhou is the temple of the clan, which maintains the local feeling and solemn local rules of huizhou people. The sacred building sealed the family history of huizhou people and preserved the sayings of the ancestors. It may be old and silent, but every spring and autumn is worthy of the following.
There is a kind of power to the sky, and the long and thick culture of huizhou clan is measured in silence. It was awe-inspiring to step over the high wooden threshold and crash into the oncoming vikings. It was the weather-beaten door, and it seemed as if the cause and effect had been fastened. Standing in the hall of silence, looking at the eyes of the people, listening to them talking with the heart.
At that moment, you will understand that the ancients did not have any distance from the present, no matter how far the time went, they left their mark, and huizhou people kept the folk customs of today by following these marks. They used a stick a paper, lamps and lanterns, pyramid, WuLongDeng simple ways to worship our ancestors, with a respect for sages, love of family, so off the ancient sunset, usher in the moonlight today.
Walking on the narrow green stone road, the sunlight on the corner of the eaves brightens the hazy memory. A stage rests in the ethereal green smoke, lonely to the passerby to tell its once magnificent story. This is the stage of huizhou, growing in the folk, spreading in the folk, also shining in the folk. Huizhou people's stage is to hold temple fair pay god, sacrifice and some special festivals and customs.
The construction of the stage is mostly simple, the wooden platform, the wooden platform, also have some simple color painting, with the huizhou culture of the plain and easy. The drum and the erhu are the prelude to elegant communication, the stage of the dance, the crowd is boiling. Those artists in the phase of the stage of the stage of the stage, the interpretation of other people's joys and sorrows. And the audience in the audience is gazing at, and tasting the joys and sorrows of others.
No one is the main character, just for a drama of the foil, to do the sad and cheerful lyric. Who are the main characters, in the life of the colorful stage, dance out of life, cool and warm world. With its unique folk art and folkloric customs, the rustic and mellow huizhou opera, with its unique folk art and folk customs, has been singing all the way through the streets of huizhou. Many of life's processes begin in one scene and end in another.
In the passing of the time, I do not know who has knocked over the ink stone, the entire huizhou land, the jinxiu river infiltration in the wet ink. Tracing the history of the ancient huizhou river along the river, there are also the huizhou people who came to the river to gain a solid and calm happiness in their life.
The ancient huizhou is no longer an ink painting hanging on the wall of jiangnan, when the wise thinking penetrates the spiritual realm and the digger's steps are getting closer and closer. It will spread its natural charm to the world with the prosperity of a nation, leaving a clear and clear ripple in the heart of the people.

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