It was autumn, gradually cool. The timing is just after Chushu, it gradually added coolness.

One day, the wife of a window, suddenly said: "you look at that day, the clouds, really a bit like an invigorating autumn climate." I went to the window and looked at the blue sky. It was different from the summer just past. A few days ago, after the rain, the temperature dropped suddenly, but also the flavor of autumn, really fulfilled the "autumn rain a cold" of the old saying.

A few days ago and his wife went to the present River Park and botanical garden for a walk, and found that after a fall of wind, some leaves fell on the ground. Then I said to my wife, "what a autumn wind sweeping the leaves!"! Timely arrival." Then listen to the cicadas cry, has very little, or even heard some sound of cicadas, it is approaching his life.

Yesterday travel, you see a piece of fish like the white cloud heights floating in the blue sky, this is the summer to see the picture, feel it higher and farther than the original.

The cool autumn wind to send cool, timely rain to the news, the weak to go on the way there, back home to look, oh, autumn is more concentrated.

Living in the north, often to the south, but also felt the South and the north is not the same as in the fall. The fall of the north and the south of the different places, is to come especially fast, that is, when you daydream, it came, the northern autumn weather, the solar terms portrayed unusually clear. You see, the autumn wind, the autumn rain, the autumn sunshine, the autumn fields and the village in the autumn always bring you a different feeling.

Autumn wind. The wind like autumn summer so hot, so violent, it took a little bit of coolness, with much tenderness, quietly towards autumn. Every year the autumn has just passed, although the day or continuation of the summer weather, still hot for a while, but sooner or later it will be different, so only the wind gently blowing, it will bring fresh fishes, first in the face, in the body, in fact, is the feeling in the heart, heart will feel relaxed and comfortable immediately.

This is especially hot in the summer, people also feel particularly long, long waiting for the arrival of autumn, autumn with the wind with rain, wind and rain brings a cool autumn, then give people the feeling is not the same. Look at the people in the shade is clear, a few neighbors sister-in-law summer often in downstairs cool, autumn has just passed, less people, gradually put child home stool. Walking in the street, people hear voice also changed, is the evaluation of autumn: "one day the beginning of autumn, then cool." "Well, obviously, especially in the morning, it's felt."." Listen to their conversation, feel the autumn breeze blowing gently, warm and mild, and gave birth to a trace of coolness. The autumn wind blowing in the field, to see is a picture, the wind kisses willow, willow swaying dance, the wind kisses corn, corn nod, the wind kisses the river, the river on the wave ripples. Autumn wind seems to be a superb artist, to describe the vivid and beautiful nature, to bring people a different feeling.

Autumn rain. The autumn rain is not the same, continuous rain, clear quiet. Suddenly one day, with the autumn wind, with a hint of cool, with much tenderness, opened the door of autumn, "Shua" to autumn strode, moistens the vast land and maturing crops, a rain swept away, summer heat, swing to the impetuous people's heart. The rain will bring people feel fully and delightfully. Childhood home to fall, often called a "long cut" place, mowing, raking out wild herbs in every rain, time, and my buddies will go to the only stone shelter. People under the stone bridge, the heart in the land. Two ears listening around the rain hit the maize leaves and leaves of sorghum sound. When the rain sounds, Shabu sound, heart felt so carefree; when the rain is small, it sounds "patter" sound, the feeling is so melodious. Then you will feel the rain will stop soon look, look at the rain wash the red sorghum, a refreshing, red sorghum could not nod, seems to have Baoyu drink water to meet. Then I thought, Mo Yan's depiction of Gaomi County adjacent to the "Red Sorghum" is not the same way? Childhood, autumn fields, everywhere are filled with the refreshing after autumn rain, the distribution of fresh air, which is brought about by autumn rain.

Autumn sunshine. The autumn in the north, the sky, an invigorating autumn climate. The autumn sun is no longer as summer so sinister, run with a little tenderness, with warm and comfortable here, the golden sunshine in the vast land on the mountains, rivers, fields and villages, houses, roads, trees are coated with a layer of gold. Autumn morning, red Zhaohui inclined at the earth, as in the face of the villagers, the villagers feel very comfortable, facing the rising sun to the field, with the hard work of golden sun. Then, the midday sun left the crops and make crops to grow. Autumn dusk, Leileyitian people accompanied by the setting sun, overlooking the sunset sky, fire lit light feeling, create a beautiful and elegant curl, autumn evening, leaving a bright sky, clouds West that is "martyrs twilight, in high aspirations" feelings, nor induce people to issue a "sunset infinitely good, but near dusk," sighed.

Fields in autumn. In autumn, if the early autumn ride or walk to